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A Golf Ball Massage is not only massage with a golf ball. The technique of this massage makes deep massage very easy and less stressful for the hands and fingers of the massage therapist.
This is good news for those who give more deep massages a day!

Heather Karr, a licensed massage therapist from America, often suffered from her hands and thumbs when she had to give long deep massages. She had the idea to design the SPAball Massager ™.

The SPAball Massager™

  • is a handy plastic holder in which one places a golf ball
  • allows you to give an excellent deep massage to your customers
  • for many triggerpoint and cross-fiber treatments
  • provides you especially less tired hands
  • small enough to still keep your hands in contact to the body
  • to handle with very little effort
  • can also be used in a chair massage
  • feels to the client as if it the therapist massages with the thumb
  • can also be used on the clothes or for self-massage

On the corresponding flyer in the box you find pictures of where the pain points on the body
are indicated with the corresponding points on which one has to massage with the SPAball Kaddy.

We are convinced that the Golf Ball Massage will certainly add value to your massage practice
And, especially to the summer, you have another “new” massages to offer.

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